Gluten-free Flours

Tasty Tuesday

Here is my bible to gluten-free (GF) cooking.


If you want to go GF, this author, Nicole Hunn, provides a painless way to do it — and you won’t miss the wheat. She provides “cup for cup” GF flours that you can use with her recipes or substitute in your own. 

This book has several recipes; even sourdough! (This I will attempt in another post.) Her recipe measurements are by weight, so I recommend getting a scale. It makes it a lot easier; of course, I was never good a math. A scale de-stressed the process for me.


I use the following two flours which I have had very good luck with. Here is an all-purpose flour.


Here is the recipe with the link to the website.

All-Purpose Recipe

Here is the gum-free recipe. This is great for quick bread recipes.

Gum-Free Recipe

Now, where to find the flours used in these recipes? Natural Grocers, Dixie Nutrition, Harmon’s and even Walmart carries a variety of flours. It’s pretty comparable in price for the packaged flours too. However, if you can buy the four in bulk, it’s going to be the cheapest. Harmon’s has brown rice and tapioca flour/starch in bulk. As for the All Natural Fruit Pectin, Walmart has the cheapest price.

I mix up enough of the recipe to have enough flour to last me a while.

Ready to Use Flours

Has anyone else bakes gluten-free? What do you use for your flour?

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